We have been trading as Artphoto Studio since 2004 and founded by George Fossey,
George has been an avid photographer and printer for 25 years, in the hay day  black & white printing and processing right through to the digital images of today.
Through our work we have established a reputation for the highest quality work. We pride our self’s on our ability to produce premium images and prints for a variety of clients and customers. The vast image library we maintain contains thousands images covering almost all subjects, taken by George and owned by Artphoto Studio. We are sure there will be something in our library for your needs, if not we can create what your require.

Images range from Horticultural, through portraiture, pets, garden imagery and all things in between. We pride ourselves in finding the right image for our clients. Our images can be found in major retailers in the UK and USA, i.e. Target, Walmart,TJ Maxx, Kohls, Home Goods, Tesco Argos.
A section of our work goes to printers and publishers such as:-

  • May AG,  Germany
  • Beaver Lodge Publishing, England
  • Image by Design Licensing
  • We have many images under licensed contracts for Global publication, from greeting cards to Fine Art work. Also, in Europe, Acting agents for worldwide sales, globally estimated at  500,000 prints.
    We have a number of school exercise book covers in circulation.